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Mission Statement and Vision

We work in partnership with horses to deliver innovative, premium quality occupational therapy provision, coaching and training to enhance human health and wellbeing.

Core Values

EQUI Core Values

Equine Facilitated Occupational Therapy with The Equi-OT

The Equi-OT is a trading name of The Centre Occupational Therapy Practice.  Through various partnerships, Rhona has been delivering forms of Equine Facilitated Occupational Therapy (EFOT) and delivering lectures and training in this area for around 20 years.  Rhona works from the home base of the Scottish Borders; however, she will travel to provide, or deliver training/lecture in EFOT.

Rhona’s passion for horses began at a young age. Seeing and feeling the benefit of being with horses, Rhona has always had horses in her life and has gained various equine based qualifications as outlined below.

  • Athena Herd Diploma in Equine Facilitated Learning
  • Equi-Scotia Professional Diploma in Equine Facilitated Learning and Development
  • Equine Psychology Diploma with Distinction
  • Equine Reiki Master
  • Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy Diploma in Equine Assisted Therapy
  • British Horse Society Stage Three Coach in Complete Horsemanship

Rhona has merged her varied knowledge and skills to provide therapy, training, and lecturing opportunities believing that for horse-motivated individuals, working in partnership with horses within their unique environment can truly facilitate therapeutic change.

Why has Rhona decided to work in partnership with horses to deliver Occupational Therapy?

There are many benefits to working in partnership with horses to facilitate change in our physical and mental health and wellbeing.  Rhona will discuss these benefits in more depth during the training delivery.


Clinical Practice

Through interaction and partnership working with horses, Rhona empowers individuals to facilitate physical and mental health changes.  Rhona demonstrates an advanced level of clinical reasoning, knowledge, and skills in the field of EFOT.  She promotes and demonstrates best, evidenced-based practice, exercising a high level of personal, professional, and clinical autonomy.  Several participation challenges can be addressed using this approach, contact Rhona to discuss your assessment and intervention requirements further.

Consultancy, Mentorship and Supervision

Rhona is an innovative therapist with a vision for driving forward EFOT practice by motivating and inspiring others to deliver best clinical practice.  Please contact Rhona to discuss your EFOT consultancy, mentorship, or supervision requirements (excludes hippotherapy).

Education, Training and Development

To deepen your knowledge for EFOT through CPD, Rhona offers a range of on-line and face to face lectures and workshops.  Some examples of these courses are listed below.


Examples of the Training Courses available with Rhona
The Role of the Occupational Therapist in Equine Facilitated Therapy, Learning and Development.
Exploring the Sensory Benefits of Equine Facilitated Therapy, Learning and Development.
Anxiety Management with Equines: The Occupational Therapy Perspective
Promoting Optimal Balance in Life with Equines: The Occupational Therapy Perspective.